Faculty and Staff

The Department is committed to conduct research for the benefit of food and fiber producing and companion animals. The areas of research conducted by faculty in the Department of LACS are directed at Avian Diseases, Aquatic Animal Diseases, Reproduction/Perinatology/Endocrinology, Gastroenterology/Colic Research, Immunology/Inflammation, Performance Medicine/Locomotion/Gait Analysis, and Food Animal Production Medicine. These research programs include basic and applied research to better understand the fundamental causes and pathogenesis of various diseases, to aid in the development of methods for disease prevention and treatment of beef and dairy cattle, horses, poultry, fish and companion animals. The faculty members are also engaged in collaborative research programs which often cross between other disciplines.

Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Aquatic Animal Health

Food Animal Reproduction & Medicine Services


Large Animal Medicine

Large Animal Surgery

Theriogenology (Reproduction)

Professor Emeritus

  • Dr. Louis Archbald
  • Dr. Ken Braun
  • Dr. Murray Brown
  • Dr. Paul Cardeilhac
  • Dr. Patrick Colahan
  • Dr. Maarten Drost
  • Dr. Tom Lane
  • Dr. Alfred Merritt
  • Dr. Eddie Richey
  • Dr. Jan Shearer

Administrative Staff

  • Judy Chastain, Accounting Coordinator, 294-4338
  • Ana Garcia, Sr. Fiscal Assistant, 294-4315
  • Nancy Chase Hamilton, Program Assistant (PBEC), 294-4308
  • Shaniqua Grace, Program Assistant, 294-4309
  • Morgan Rhoden, Secretary, 294-4306
  • Stephanie Stein, Administrative Assistant, 294-4307

Technical Staff

  • Laurie Adler, Biological Scientiest,
  • Dane Anderson, Veterinary Care Manager, 294-4393
  • Susanne Benson, Biological Scientist, 294-4346
  • Jim Burrow, Sr. Biological Scientist, 294-4383
  • Gary Geiger, Senior Lab Animal Tech, 294-4394
  • Kathleen McCartin, Senior Lab Animal Tech, 294-4394
  • Kelly Merritt, Senior Biological Scientist, 294-4330
  • Laura Neumann, Biological Scientist, 294-4326
  • Victoria Obert, Biological Scientist, 294-4282
  • Brett Rice, Senior Biological Scientist, 294-4369
  • Nina Thompson, Program Assistant, 294-4198