Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction (VisGAR)

Dr. Drost VisGARThe Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction (VisGAR) database, which is accessible here, is an important educational resource that is utilized by practicing DVMs, researchers, and students around the world.

The VisGAR database , originally known as The Drost Project, began as a collection of images compiled by Dr. Maarten Drost over a period of 30+ years as a theriogenologist at the faculties of the University of California Davis and the University of Florida, as well as Utrecht University in The Netherlands, Colorado State University, and Cornell University during sabbatical leaves.
The purpose of the Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction database is to provide a resource of important images that can be utilized by students, colleagues, and other professionals around the globe in the field of theriogenology. Initially the guide focused on bovine reproduction. Subsequently, guides for equine (horse) reproduction, ovine (sheep) reproduction, porcine (pig) reproduction, caprine (goat) reproduction, bubaline (water buffalo) and canine (dog) reproduction have been added to the database. The bovine guide has also been translated into Spanish.
With the help of Dr. Patrick Larkin (University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Aimee Johnson (Auburn University) and Dr. Juan Samper, the Visual Guides will soon be expanded to include a feline guide.
Dr. Maarten Drost is a founding father of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida, which graduated its first class in 1980. Dr. Drost started the Department of Reproduction at that time, hired five species specialists to develop the curriculum in theriogenology.
In addition, Dr. Drost taught reproductive management courses in the Department of Animal Sciences of the College of Agriculture at UF since 1978. His research focused on the role of the fetus in initiation of parturition in ruminants, and on embryo transfer in cattle and in water buffalo. He is a strong believer in team work.
Dr. Drost has a global reputation and has lectured and taught workshops on obstetrical management and reproductive technology in many countries around the world, including, North, Central, and South America, Europe, and Asia.
The VisGAR Project has been faithfully financially supported by its users and some of the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine (and in the past some pharmaceutical companies). If you would like to support the project, click here.