Large Animal Clinical Sciences Staff and Students Recognized in Phi Zeta Research Celebration

The department of large animal clinical sciences would like to congratulate the following graduate students and staff member for their achievements at the Phi Zeta research celebration. Each year, the college acknowledges the top research being performed by D.V.M. students, graduate students, faculty, house officers and other staff members.

presentation 1
Vet-med research staff member Kristi Jones won first place for her staff poster. The award for first place was given to staff member Jones for her work along with Dr. Cunha and Dr. Galvão. The poster created showcased the validation of viable qPCR method to differentiate live and dead bacteria in blood.
Figure 4 Tomas Gonzalez, Segundo Casaro, Maria Belen Ugarte Marin
The following graduate students Tomas Gonzalez, Segundo Casaro and Maria Belen Ugarte Marin, were all given awards for their work. From each of the college’s five academic departments these student’s presentations were selected as the best from those departments. (1) Tomas Gonzalez won the “Master’s Study” award for his work with Dr. Bisinotta. The award given to Gonzalez was for his work with selective reproductive management. As well Gonzalez won third in the graduate student poster competition. (2) Segundo Casaro won first place for the “Best in Show” award for his work with Dr. Klibs Galvão. The award given to Casaro was for his work with unraveling the immune and metabolic changes associated with metritis in Dairy Cows. (3) Maria Belen Ugarte Marin won first over all for the graduate student poster competition. Marin’s poster showcased the prevalence of anatomical defects and pathological conditions Involving the cervical ostium in lactating Dairy Cows evaluated using a digital vaginoscope. Congratulations to these winners.
At the Phi Zeta celebration the keynote speaker was Dr. Sally Denotta.