Dr. Klibs Galvão, Honored by The American Dairy Science Association

ADSA- Galvao 2023 Zoetis Award
2023 ADSA Zoetis Physiology Award

By Sarah Carey

Dr. Klibs Galvão, a professor of food animal reproduction and medicine in the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine’s department of large animal clinical sciences, has received the Zoetis Physiology Award from the American Dairy Science Association.

Given annually by the association to recognize outstanding research in dairy cattle physiology, the award will be presented to Galvão on June 27 during the ADSA’s annual meeting in Ottawa, Ontario.

Internationally recognized for his contributions to research, teaching and extension in his field, Galvão, who specializes in dairy cattle reproductive physiology and health, has been responsible for several important discoveries in areas of uterine health and disease in early postpartum dairy cows.

His work has characterized the dynamic shifts in uterine microflora that distinguishes healthy cows from those that develop uterine diseases.

“It’s an honor to receive this prestigious award,” Galvão said. “I hope it brings more attention to the problem of uterine diseases in dairy cattle and what we’re doing at UF to further research in this area.”

He added that uterine diseases affect reproductive performance, decrease milk yield, increase culling, impair the welfare of dairy cows, and decrease profitability of the dairy enterprise.

“Our long-term goal is to develop solutions for improving the health of dairy cattle, which is expected to improve fertility and survival in the herd, which ultimately will enhance farm profitability and sustainability.”