Gary D Butcher

Gary D Butcher


Department: Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Business Phone: (352) 294-4390
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Person of the Year, Recognition for Outstanding Service , Recognition for Outstanding Service to the Florida Poultry Industry
2003 · Florida Poultry Federation

Research Profile

The primary focus of Dr. Butcher’s extension program involves providing technical support to the Florida Poultry Industry and related avian industries. Activities include on-farm visitations, poultry necropsies and sample evaluations (histopathology & serology), and consultations. The program at the University of Florida is primarily to provide direct support to the industry in Florida; however, international work in support of IFAS’ International Programs Mission and the University’s Mission toward globalization is undertaken. A statewide Salmonella monitoring program has been developed in association with the Florida Poultry Federation. This proactive program permits identification of Salmonella-infected farms and provides recommendations on eradication procedures. Research efforts have been directed toward recombinant vaccines to combat poultry diseases including Newcastle disease, Gumboro disease, Marek’s disease, and infectious laryngotracheitis. Vectors have included virus and plants. Work is also being conducted on transgenic chickens.



1992 · American College of Poultry Veterinarians
PhD – Avian Virology
1987 · Texas A&M University
MS – Avian Pathology
1984 · Purdue University
1981 · Texas A&M University
BS – Biomedical Science
1980 · Texas A&M University

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(352) 294-4390