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Service Research

Mission statement: To foster an environment of academic excellence and rigorous scientific training; this provides a supportive, diverse and cooperative community for graduate students, house-officers and faculty.

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To generate evidence-based knowledge relevant to infectious and non-infectious conditions which compromise the health, welfare and productivity of food-producing animals.

Focus groups/areas of research

  • Population health, disease, prevention & epidemiology
  • Production, reproduction & animal well-being
  • Neonatal health & disease
  • Bioinformatics & applied proteomics
  • Translational research

Research themes

  • Production, reproduction, and epidemiology
  • Population health, bioinformatics, and applied proteomics
  • Livestock health, welfare, prevention, and disease

Service Research Focus

Dr. D. Owen Rae: Current research focus is on M. avium sp paratuberculosis influence in beef cattle populations. This includes the study of diagnostics, cohort population studies, risk assessment, environmental sampling and detection of genetic markers associated with susceptibility (or resistance). Other projects relate to: bull and cow infection with T. foetus, bull development, and heifer/cow development.

Dr. Jorge Hernandez: Currently, his research work is related with the epidemiological aspects of:

  • noscomial infections in hospitalized horses and cattle
  • anhidrosis in horses
  • health and athletic performance in Thoroughbred horses
  • epidemiology and policy of large-scale education, nutrition and health programs in low and middle-income countries.

Dr. Klibs Galvão: his research interests are:

  • Reproductive physiology and management
  • Dairy production medicine
  • Transition cow immunology and uterine diseases

Dr. Fiona Maunsell.  Clinical and research interests include general bovine medicine, infectious diseases of calves and mycoplasma infections of cattle and small ruminants, especially Mycoplasma bovis infections. She work in a collaborative research and diagnostic group on mycoplasmal infections as well as with researchers in the Emerging Pathogens Institute on the epidemiology of production animal diseases with public health significance.

Dr. Rafael Bisinotto.  His research interests are:

  • Dairy production medicine with emphasis on uterine health
  • Biology of reproduction (embryo development, maintenance of pregnancy, and genetic control of reproduction)
  • Reproductive management in dairy herds and programs for timed artificial insemination

Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine (FARM) Service Research Publications

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Extension Faculty Research

Beef Cattle
Dr. Joao Bittar

Dairy Cattle
Dr. Ricardo Chebel

Dr. Gary Butcher

Small Ruminants
Dr. Brittany Diehl