The College of Veterinary Medicine offers several certificate programs within LACS’ areas of concentration. Students may elect to participate in any of the available certificate programs to enhance their opportunities after graduation. Each has unique requirements and standards for admission and allows our DVM students to pursue a more in-depth, focused education. The following links will direct you to the CVM’s certificate information pages.


Aquatic Animal Health

This certificate is intended for veterinary students enrolled at the UFCVM who want an introduction to the specialty of aquatic animal medicine.  The coursework and externships associated with this program allow students to develop a broad foundation of knowledge in health issues related to aquatic invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and marine mammals.  Guidance from program faculty and assigned mentors will assist the students in clarifying, pursuing, and achieving career goals.


Food Animal Veterinary Medicine

Students participating in the Food Animal certificate program are mentored through didactic, clinical and extracurricular activities that provide a strong entry level training in food supply veterinary medicine. The certificate will prepare the new graduate veterinarian for an entry level position in a food animal practice or a food systems profession who will be prepared to provide leadership in the area of food systems veterinary medicine. This process will also pave the way for specialty training.

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Veterinary Business Management

The Veterinary Business Management certificate program furthers the education of veterinary students with regards to business and personal finance, practice ownership, business and employee management and career path preparation. It’s designed to prepare veterinary students to become business owners. Through lectures and clinical experiences students will obtain significant understanding of accounting, finances, human resources, operations, marketing and communication skills.