Registration for the Fall semester is now Open!

For Non-UF Students

There are two methods for students from other Colleges or Universities to register for this class:

Note: Many colleges and universities accept this class as credit towards a student’s degree, typically as an elective; however you will need to check with your specific institution about credit transfer.

How to Register for the Class:

If you have any problems filling out any of the forms, contact Dr. Larkin

  • Non-degree seeking students: Click on the following link Registration Instructions 2024 for detailed instructions on how to register for the class.  Mozilla or Internet Explorer browsers work best to fill out the various forms.
  • Continuing Education (CE)  students: Click here to register as a CE student.

If you are interested in taking this course  beyond the Fall semester of 2024, please fill out the Course Interest Form.

Important dates

For a complete list of critical dates for registration, please visit the following URLs: