Student Testimonials

Hear what our students are saying about The Horse !

Mal Zawodna

Flexible LEarning:

“Because this course is offered through distance learning, it will flexibly fit into your schedule, but you will not feel you are sacrificing academic integrity. Dr. Patrick Larkin and his colleagues are experts in the individual areas of study lecture on, encourage communication, invite questions, and are very approachable.”

Course Material:

“This class will not only familiarize you with species-specific anatomy and physiology, as well as provide you with a thorough explanation of system interdependence, but will also introduce relevant scientific literature relevant to equine health issues and overall well being.”

“If you love animals, or are considering a career related to veterinary medicine, you need to take ‘The Horse’ class! Unlike many other courses, ‘The Horse’ is focused on a single species, offering a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of horses.”

Mal Zawodna

Former student of Columbia University
Accepted to Royal Veterinary College, Class of 2020

Emely V. Perez

Who should take this class?

“It’s an excellent class to take if you’re a horse lover or if you’re aspiring to be a veterinarian in the equine industry. The course covers many important terms that you will encounter as well as various medical issues that may occur in the horse.”

How did this course prepare you?

“I was extremely excited to get a head start with this knowledge, apart from it being necessary to perform well in the veterinary field, I felt as though my career as a veterinary student commenced.”

“this course increased my passion for this career and encouraged me to continue to pursue this path”

Emely V. Perez

Florida International University

Valerie Gibbons

Veterinary Resources:

“After graduating from UF, I decided to advance my equine education and take part in this course-it was the best decision I ever made. Not only is the class packed with relevant information it also gives you access to some of the greatest lectures from those Veterinarians and PhD’s on the cutting edge of medicine and science today.”

The Industry:

“I finished the class with not only a better understanding of horses, but also a greater respect for those who work in the industry, whether it be in a Veterinary, teaching, or research capacity.”

“I would say to anyone that has a love of horses to Canter, not trot to Dr.Larkin’s course The Horse! ”

Valeria Gibbons

University of Florida Graduate Student

Michelle Sheridan

How Has this Course Helped You?

“Although I have been in the horse industry for many years now, I still learned a lot this semester and believe this course is beneficial regardless of whether or not you have previous horse-related knowledge.”

Was the Online Format Successful?

“My experience was so good that I decided to register for another distance education course at UF the following semester. As someone who wants to apply to vet school in the next couple of years, my first experience at UF has been very positive!”

“Dr. Larkin puts the lectures, quizzes, and course work together in a way that makes logical sense, and due dates are staggered so that you feel like there’s always something to do without being overwhelmed.”

Michelle Sheridan

University of Central Florida